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Eat Here: 100 Restaurants We Can't Live Without

"[W]hile Steuben’s offers classic American fare — cheeseburgers and fries, pot roasts and macaroni and cheese, milkshakes and egg creams — it’s honed the execution so that the dishes are nostalgic yet well made, with elevated ingredients… A kid-friendly place that’s also friendly for adults, Steuben’s offered one of the first high-end cocktail programs in Colorado, and it continues to turn out perfect classics and fun inventions that match its vibe — loud, energetic and a little rock-and-roll. The second location, in Arvada, has more diner flavor, along with such breakfast fare as biscuits and gravy."




Tune in to See Steuben’s on the Travel Channel This Weekend

"Tune in to the Travel Channel on Sunday and you’ll see a familiar site: Steuben’s Uptown. The Denver eatery will be featured on the 'Blue Plate Special' episode of Food Paradise, which focuses on 'how the Foodie Revolution has taken favorite local diners by storm.' …Wolkon’s three Secret Sauce Food & Beverage concepts—Steuben’s, Ace, and Vesta—have all been featured on national TV before (on shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives)"




20 Dishes Every Real Denverite Must Eat

Steubie snacks at Steuben's
“The little nuggets of braised and deep-fried pork shoulder rolled in powdered sugar will be your go-to forevermore.” 





Best Hamburger

Best Mac & Cheese - Reader’s Choice 

Best Food Truck - Reader’s Choice



The Ten Best Macaroni and Cheese Dishes in Denver

"There's something about a classic macaroni and cheese that makes it the ultimate comfort food. Is it the rich gooey-ness, the satisfying umami flavor or the warming way this menu item goes down? Who knows — but we do know that both the uptown and Arvada Steuben's have continued to make one of the best versions around…" Read More



The Ten Best Places for Fried Chicken in
Metro Denver 2016 Edition

"Steuben's gives the same attention to its lightly coated fowl as it does to dead-on gravy fries, green-chile cheeseburgers and lobster rolls." 



100 Favorite Dishes:

The Cheese Steak at Steuben's Food Service
"Get your dish loaded with griddled onions, peppers and/or mushrooms, marvel at the way it all blends together into a soft sandwich of comfort-food dreams." Read More 

The Fourteen Most Promising New Restaurants of 2016 So Far 

"The new Arvada Steuben's doubles the fun of the Uptown original, with a spacious dining room done up in mid-century decor and plenty of extra seating at the swanky bar and diner-style counter, where the chrome gleams and the housemade ice cream cannot be ignored." Read More 


Gretchen Kurtz’ Restaurant Review:

A Second Steuben's Lets the Good Times Roll in Arvada
"Of all the restaurants in Wolkon’s coterie, Steuben’s is the right concept to complement the feel of Olde Town Arvada, just blocks away… Happily, however, they stuck with the winning formula: regional comfort food, a few healthy dishes, a few trendy ones and cocktails. This decision was especially smart because a roster of straight-up diner fare — without high-end and/or tongue-in-cheek touches such as lobster rolls and Steubie snacks — would’ve made Steuben’s feel old-fashioned, not retro; tired, not hip. But hip it is, and satisfying." Read More


DiningOut Denver

4 Tequila Cocktails to Drink in Denver Before You Die

"Arguably the most classic and widely enjoyed cocktail in the tequila universe outside of the margarita, the paloma, or 'pigeon,' is still much-loved all throughout Mexico. A simple drink, Steuben’s Paloma is fairly minimalist, as it should be."
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Chefs’ Favorite Food Trucks

"'I don’t frequent food trucks too often, but I would have to say that the Steuben’s truck is my favorite. Steubie snacks and a green chile cheeseburger all the way.' -Executive Chef Brandon Foster, Project Angel Heart" Read More


The 101 Best Burgers in America 2016

"Representing Colorado's neighbor, New Mexico, the menu presents what is regularly named the best green chile cheeseburger in Denver. Said to be inspired by the classic version at the Owl Bar in San Antonio, New Mexico, it's a fat burger patty topped with American cheese into which green chile strips seem to melt. Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and mustard ornament the burger, which is served on a challah bun."


Where to Find Denver's Best Cubano Sandwiches

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking in Arvada

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Sneak Peek: Steuben's Arvada Opens on Wednesday

"Uptown-born modern diner Steuben's is about to unveil its Arvada outpost. Designed by Xan Creative, the new spot located in an old Gunther Toody's space at 7355 Ralston Road builds on the history and appeal of its older sibling but has a strong personality of its own." Read More




Steuben's Arvada Is Open for Business

"Arvada residents now have a new place to go for craft cocktails, thick milkshakes, and hearty plates of pot roast and gravy-smothered fries. We’re talking, of course, about the second location of Steuben’s."




Denver's 15 Most Anticipated Restaurants for Spring

"Josh and Jen Wolkon, the married duo behind Vesta Dipping Grill, Ace and Steuben's Uptown, are opening an Arvada sequel to Steuben's. Occupying the vacant Gunther Toody's space, the follow-up effort won't be a mirror image of the flagship. ‘The regional American cuisine of the original Steuben’s will shape the Arvada location’s menu while leaving room for creative and exciting new dishes,’ says Josh." Read More


303 Magazine

7 Must-Try French Fries in Denver - Best Gravy Fries



5 Cheesesteaks in Denver That Would Make Philly Proud

"Whether it’s brunch with the ladies, a beer with the boys, or a date with your significant other, Steuben’s seems to be one of those all around great places to check out and stay a while. Imagine to my surprise that they have a cheesesteak on their menu that has been boasted as being one of the best in Denver—an accurate rumor." Read More




The Best Cocktail Bars in Denver

"Boasting a full menu of classics -- including severely underrated selections such as the Martinez and Blood & Sand -- Steuben’s also features a loaded cocktail menu from which the staff will happily help you choose." Read More


Food Network


Colorado's Most-Iconic Dishes - Lobster Roll

"[C]onsider Steuben’s lobster roll, a signature smash hit since the day the restaurant opened more than a decade ago. A marriage of knuckle, claw and tail meat bounded with a minimal amount of mayo-based dressing punctuated with onions and celery, the lobster sits in a griddled split-top bun sheened with butter. The mound of fries is legendary too." Read More



Denver Life Magazine


The Sweet Life of Nadine Donovan
A Valentine’s Q&A with Pastry Chef Nadine Donovan

"She has lead the dessert teams at Steuben’s, Ace Eat Serve and Vesta… and is known for treating pastry-making like a work of art, bringing a creative, innovative approach to the kitchen." Read More 







Best Mac & Cheese - Reader's Choice


DiningOut Denver


The Best Kids’ Menus in Denver and Boulder

“The 'Kids Meals' at Steuben’s are a lot happier than anything you’ll find at McDonalds. The selections accommodate both picky eaters (Grilled Cheese, Burger) and more adventurous appetites (Barbecue Glazed Chicken, Grilled Salmon). Plus, in addition to a choice of side, all kids meals come with a healthy dose of veggies: carrot sticks, cucumbers with ranch, edamame, and fresh berries. We bet you can get your kid to finish all their veggies if you promise them a slice of cake off Steuben’s new dessert menu!” Read More



10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes

“There is something satisfying about walking into Steuben’s. It’s reminiscent of the old-time diners from an era most of Steuben’s guests are too young to remember, but at the same time, it is totally modern and vibrant. Chef Brandon Biederman’s fried chicken is buttermilk-brined for 24 hours before being dredge in seasoned flour and fried to order. The sides are as classic as they come–mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and country gravy” Read More




The 21 Best Mac & Cheeses in America

“In the canon of mac-friendly cheeses, American is often overlooked. Not so at Steuben's in Denver, where they mix both yellow and white American with Fontina, Camembert, and Swiss for one of the most complex, but still classic cheese medleys on this list.” Read More 




Zagat's 30 Under 30

Connor Green, Bar Manager, Steuben's
“Connor attended Iowa State University, graduated with a business-marketing major and bought a one-way ticket to Denver, where he landed at Steuben’s, initially as a server. Two years later, he started tending bar. 'That was a whole other beast, but it taught me all about the beauty of crafting cocktails,' says Green, who will spearhead the bar program at Steuben's 2.0, opening next year in Arvada.” Read More




Denver's Best Bars for Locavores

“Since opening in 2006, Steuben’s has, in some ways, become synonymous with Colorado’s craft cocktail movement. ‘Steuben’s did a lot for local and craft distillers,’ says Moose Koons, partner at Peach Street Distillers… Today, you’ll still find the latest offerings from the likes of Leopold Bros. and CapRock, whose gin anchors Steuben’s signature high-octane Punch In The Mouth. And Steuben’s continues to pay homage to Colorado beers: At least a third of its canned and bottled brews are local. Of course, you’ll also still find an out-the-door wait for a table in the restaurant section of this comfort-food hot spot, giving you all the more reason to visit the bar.” Read More



Top of the Town 2015: Dining

Dessert - Editors’ Choice
“Denverites first got a taste of pastry chef Nadine Donovan’s supreme talent at Fuel Cafe and then Old Major (oh how we adored her baked Alaska). When it was announced in February that she was leaving Old Major, foodies anxiously awaited her next move. Within a matter of weeks, she landed at the Vesta/Ace Eat Serve/Steuben’s family. Fittingly, Donovan’s first menu included an ode to the 1950s: a lemon icebox bar, a not-too-sweet treat that juxtaposes white cake with frozen lemon mousse, toasted meringue, ginger crumble, and blackberry compote. Her new home is a delicious match for a chef inspired by nostalgic desserts.” Read More