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Best Hamburger (2016)

Best Mac & Cheese - Reader’s Choice

Best Food Truck - Reader’s Choice

The Ten Best Macaroni and Cheese Dishes in Denver
- "There's something about a classic macaroni and cheese that makes it the ultimate comfort food. Is it the rich gooey-ness, the satisfying umami flavor or the warming way this menu item goes down? Who knows — but we do know that both the uptown and Arvada Steuben's have continued to make one of the best versions around…" (2016) Read More

The Ten Best Places for Fried Chicken in Metro Denver — 2016 Edition - "Steuben's gives the same attention to its lightly coated fowl as it does to dead-on gravy fries, green-chile cheeseburgers and lobster rolls." (2016) Read More

100 Favorite Dishes: The Cheese Steak at Steuben's Food Service - "Get your dish loaded with griddled onions, peppers and/or mushrooms, and marvel at the way it all blends together into a soft sandwich of comfort-food dreams." (2016) Read More

The Fourteen Most Promising New Restaurants of 2016 — So Far - "The new Arvada Steuben's doubles the fun of the Uptown original, with a spacious dining room done up in mid-century decor and plenty of extra seating at the swanky bar and diner-style counter, where the chrome gleams and the housemade ice cream cannot be ignored." (2016) Read More

Gretchen Kurtz’ Restaurant Review: A Second Steuben's Lets the Good Times Roll in Arvada - "Of all the restaurants in Wolkon’s coterie, Steuben’s is the right concept to complement the feel of Olde Town Arvada, just blocks away… Happily, however, they stuck with the winning formula: regional comfort food, a few healthy dishes, a few trendy ones and cocktails. This decision was especially smart because a roster of straight-up diner fare — without high-end and/or tongue-in-cheek touches such as lobster rolls and Steubie snacks — would’ve made Steuben’s feel old-fashioned, not retro; tired, not hip. But hip it is, and satisfying." (2016) Read More

DiningOut Magazine

4 Tequila Cocktails to Drink in Denver Before You Die - "Arguably the most classic and widely enjoyed cocktail in the tequila universe outside of the margarita, the paloma, or 'pigeon,' is still much-loved all throughout Mexico. A simple drink, Steuben’s Paloma is fairly minimalist, as it should be." (2016) Read More

10 Chefs’ Favorite Food Trucks - "I don’t frequent food trucks too often, but I would have to say that the Steuben’s truck is my favorite. Steubie snacks and a green chile cheeseburger all the way." -Executive Chef Brandon Foster, Project Angel Heart (2016) Read More

The 101 Best Burgers in America 2016 - "Representing Colorado's neighbor, New Mexico, the menu presents what is regularly named the best green chile cheeseburger in Denver. Said to be inspired by the classic version at the Owl Bar in San Antonio, New Mexico, it's a fat burger patty topped with American cheese into which green chile strips seem to melt. Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and mustard ornament the burger, which is served on a challah bun." (2016) Read More

Where to Find Denver's Best Cubano Sandwiches (2016) Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking in Arvada (2016) Read More

Sneak Peek: Steuben's Arvada Opens on Wednesday - "Uptown-born modern diner Steuben's is about to unveil its Arvada outpost. Designed by Xan Creative, the new spot located in an old Gunther Toody's space at 7355 Ralston Road builds on the history and appeal of its older sibling but has a strong personality of its own." (2016) Read More


Steuben's Arvada Is Open for Business - "Arvada residents now have a new place to go for craft cocktails, thick milkshakes, and hearty plates of pot roast and gravy-smothered fries. We’re talking, of course, about the second location of Steuben’s." (2016) Read More


Denver's 15 Most Anticipated Restaurants for Spring (Steuben's Arvada) - "Josh and Jen Wolkon, the married duo behind Vesta Dipping Grill, Ace and Steuben's Uptown, are opening an Arvada sequel to Steuben's. Occupying the vacant Gunther Toody's space, the follow-up effort won't be a mirror image of the flagship. ‘The regional American cuisine of the original Steuben’s will shape the Arvada location’s menu while leaving room for creative and exciting new dishes,’ says Josh." (2016) Read More

303 Magazine

7 Must-Try French Fries in Denver - Best Gravy Fries (2016) 

5 Cheesesteaks in Denver That Would Make Philly Proud
- "Whether it’s brunch with the ladies, a beer with the boys, or a date with your significant other, Steuben’s seems to be one of those all around great places to check out and stay a while. Imagine to my surprise that they have a cheesesteak on their menu that has been boasted as being one of the best in Denver—an accurate rumor." (2016) Read More


The Best Cocktail Bars in Denver - "Boasting a full menu of classics -- including severely underrated selections such as the Martinez and Blood & Sand -- Steuben’s also features a loaded cocktail menu from which the staff will happily help you choose." (2016) Read More

Food Network

Colorado's Most-Iconic Dishes List - Lobster Roll - "[C]onsider Steuben’s lobster roll, a signature smash hit since the day the restaurant opened more than a decade ago. A marriage of knuckle, claw and tail meat bounded with a minimal amount of mayo-based dressing punctuated with onions and celery, the lobster sits in a griddled split-top bun sheened with butter. The mound of fries is legendary too." (2016) Read More

Denver Life Magazine

The Sweet Life of Nadine Donovan - A Valentine’s Q&A with Pastry Chef Nadine Donovan - "She has lead the dessert teams at Steuben’s, Ace Eat Serve and Vesta… and is known for treating pastry-making like a work of art, bringing a creative, innovative approach to the kitchen." (2016) Read More



DiningOut Magazine

The Best Kids’ Menus in Denver and Boulder - “The 'Kids Meals' at Steuben’s are a lot happier than anything you’ll find at McDonalds. The selections accommodate both picky eaters (Grilled Cheese, Burger) and more adventurous appetites (Barbecue Glazed Chicken, Grilled Salmon). Plus, in addition to a choice of side, all kids meals come with a healthy dose of veggies: carrot sticks, cucumbers with ranch, edamame, and fresh berries. We bet you can get your kid to finish all their veggies if you promise them a slice of cake off Steuben’s new dessert menu!” (2015) Read More

10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes - “There is something satisfying about walking into Steuben’s. It’s reminiscent of the old-time diners from an era most of Steuben’s guests are too young to remember, but at the same time, it is totally modern and vibrant. Chef Brandon Biederman’s fried chicken is buttermilk-brined for 24 hours before being dredge in seasoned flour and fried to order. The sides are as classic as they come–mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and country gravy” (2015) Read More


THE 21 BEST MAC & CHEESES IN AMERICA - “In the canon of mac-friendly cheeses, American is often overlooked. Not so at Steuben's in Denver, where they mix both yellow and white American with Fontina, Camembert, and Swiss for one of the most complex, but still classic cheese medleys on this list.” (2015) Read More


Zagat's 30 Under 30 - Connor Green, 25, Bar Manager, Steuben's - “Connor attended Iowa State University, graduated with a business-marketing major and bought a one-way ticket to Denver, where he landed at Steuben’s, initially as a server. Two years later, he started tending bar. 'That was a whole other beast, but it taught me all about the beauty of crafting cocktails,' says Green, who will spearhead the bar program at Steuben's 2.0, opening next year in Arvada.” (2015) Read More


Best Mac & Cheese - Reader's Choice (2015)


Denver's Best Bars for Locavores - “Since opening in 2006, Steuben’s has, in some ways, become synonymous with Colorado’s craft cocktail movement. “Steuben’s did a lot for local and craft distillers,” says Moose Koons, partner at Peach Street Distillers. Twin brothers and bar managers Randy and Ryan Layman were among the first to find homes for several Colorado spirits on their shelves, something former Steuben’s bar staff such as Sean Kenyon and Courtney Wilson took with them to other establishments. Today, you’ll still find the latest offerings from the likes of Leopold Bros. and CapRock, whose gin anchors Steuben’s signature high-octane Punch In The Mouth. And Steuben’s continues to pay homage to Colorado beers: At least a third of its canned and bottled brews are local. Of course, you’ll also still find an out-the-door wait for a table in the restaurant section of this comfort-food hot spot, giving you all the more reason to visit the bar.” (2015) Read More

Editors’ Choice
- “Denverites first got a taste of pastry chef Nadine Donovan’s supreme talent at Fuel Cafe and then Old Major (oh how we adored her baked Alaska). When it was announced in February that she was leaving Old Major, foodies anxiously awaited her next move. Within a matter of weeks, she landed at the Vesta/Ace Eat Serve/Steuben’s family. Fittingly, Donovan’s first menu included an ode to the 1950s: a lemon icebox bar, a not-too-sweet treat that juxtaposes white cake with frozen lemon mousse, toasted meringue, ginger crumble, and blackberry compote. Her new home is a delicious match for a chef inspired by nostalgic desserts.” (2015) Read More



Ten Best Kid Friendly Restaurants in Denver - "If the plates look too big, a kid's menu is also available -- and each order is served with fun finger foods like carrot sticks, edamame and fresh berries. As a special treat for the well-behaved, Steuben's also offers a flight of flavored milks." (2014) Read More

Best of Denver: Best Breakup restaurant - "There's no better place to deliver the bad news than Steuben's. For starters, the place is always packed and the tables are crowded close together, so your soon-to-be ex might think twice about making a scene. The menu is full of classic versions of comfort food from across the country, so there's sure to be a dish that will offer some solace for each of you. And should things go really badly, the bartenders are not only talented, but friendly; they'll lend both an ear and a hand while mixing a stiff drink to take away some of the sting." (2014) Read More

Ten Most Instagrammed Restaurants in Denver


Best Burgers in 9 Denver 'Hoods: Steuben’s Green Chili Cheese Burger (Uptown) - "The crew at Steuben’s slings out American comfort cuisine like it’s their job (well, basically because it is), so it's no surprise that their green chili cheeseburger is the best in Uptown. Hatch Valley green chilies add to an already flavorful setup of all beef, yellow American, and LTO, plus their mantra "better with bacon" is a mantra for a reason.” (2014) Read More



Top of the Town

Best Street Vendor/Food Truck - "You couldn't choose between these two mobile eateries—and we totally get it. The burgers and tacos coming out of these four-wheeled food havens are just as good as their brick-and-mortar counterparts." (2013) Read More

Best Fries - "Readers can't choose between Park Burger's and Steuben's perfectly salty hand-cut fries. We say: You shouldn't have to." (2013) Read More


Denver's Ten Best Chicken and Waffles - "The kitchen here has its own twist on chicken and waffles, served with gravy and homemade syrup. If you miss the weekend brunch, Steuben's chicken and waffles is also the Sunday night special. Waffles for dinner? Yes, please!" (2013) Read More

Denver's Ten Best Macaroni and Cheese Dishes - "Steuben's blends American, cheddar, camembert, fontina and Swiss cheeses in its traditional rendition, which is baked and topped with a toasted breadcrumb crust. This is unfussy -- if not over-abundant -- cheese perfection at its finest." (2013) Read More

Westword Patio of the Day
- "Steuben's has become a go-to Denver staple, thanks to its streamlined approach to classic American diner food and spot-on bar program -- and the two (very different) patios don't hurt, either. Whether you plan on doing some prime people-watching on the front patio along East 17th Avenue, or would rather enjoy more privacy on the side patio, you can be sure that both spots will be packed with eaters and drinkers looking to soak up the sun (and plenty of libations) this summer." (2013) Read More

2013 Best of Denver

Best Official Snack Food For Colorado: Steubie Snacks
- "From turkey legs to Rocky Mountain oysters, Denver is stacked with snack foods — and those who can't get enough of them. But the single best way to feed your snack attack is to stuff your gullet with the porkerific Steubie Snacks from Steuben's and the Steuben's food truck. Chef Brandon Biederman's addictive bites of braised pork shoulder are deep-fried until they crackle, then liberally dusted with powdered sugar. The result could be swine crack — Colorado style." (2013) Read More

Denver's Best Grilled Cheese


Denver's Best Cocktail Bars - "They nail the classics, have a solid roster of their own creations like the sloe gin & chartreuse-based Sloe Starter" (2013) Read More

5 Tastiest Mile High Sandwiches From Places You Wouldn't Expect: Steuben's Cubano - "The Uptown diner powerhouse has proven itself with the Green Chili Cheeseburger, but their sandwich making is an underrated gem, as the Cubano drips with perfection. Housed in a bolillo roll are pork shoulder, black forest ham, Swiss, Dijon, pickles, and an addictive chimichurri sauce that couples so well together, you may never need another sandwich again. " (2013) Read More

Mile High's 5 Best Burgers: #1 Green Chili Cheese Burger
- " The real hero of the burger is the roasted green chili strips that pair beautifully with the American cheese. There's no better burger in Denver." (2013) Read More

Denver's 5 Most Incredibly Melty Sanwhiches - "It's no surprise the comfort food experts at Steuben's make a mean grilled cheese, but it is a surprise that their White/ Yellow/ American/ Muenster monstrosity on City Bakery bread is only $4 and includes chips. Top it with green chile for an extra dose of tasty." (2013) Read More




Best Barrel Aged Cocktail: Barrel-Aged Martinez - "We've noticed barrel-aged cocktails popping up on a handful of lists, making this a true trend in drink-obsessed Denver. Our favorite comes courtesy of Randy and Ryan Layman, who whip up barrel-aged martinis at Steuben's. The result is a silky drink that incorporates all of our favorite characteristics of a martini but has a rounder, sweeter and more caramelly note from its time on oak." (2012) Read More


35 Best Bars in Denver - "Is Steuben’s a restaurant or a bar? Honestly, we don’t care as long as they serve fried chicken and mix some of the best cocktails in town. What makes Steuben’s a cocktail destination—year after year—is its ability to keep improving." (2012) Read MoreTop of the Town Awards

Best Street Vendor: Steuben's Food Truck - "Hosting an abbreviated menu from the down-home restaurant, the Steuben’s truck (dubbed “Pearl”) leans heavily on burgers—including the kick-ass green chile cheeseburger—but also features standbys like the pulled pork sandwich, BLT, and cheese fries. (Mmm, cheese fries.) Our only complaint: There’s only one truck. When we need cheese fries, we need cheese fries." (2012) Read More

Best Martini
- "There are a lot of drinks out there that call themselves martinis, but we are proud martini purists. Fortunately, we found a superlative rendition at Steuben’s. No, it’s not vodka. No, it’s not chilled gin. No, it’s not dirty, for Christ’s sake (although if that’s your thing, they’ll surely make it for you). It’s a simple, traditional martini, made expertly and with great care—as it should be." (2012) Read More



Top of the Town Awards:

Best Street Vendor:  Steuben’s Food Truck


Best Blind Date Restaurant – “And because the place is always packed, it's a good spot for first-daters to meet at the chrome bar, cutting the tension with a few stiff, pre-Prohibition cocktails and maybe splitting an order of gravy fries. That bar is intimate enough to be conducive to conversation, and loud and busy enough to diminish the chance that anyone around suspects a blind date is in their midst.” (2011) Read More

Best Gravy Fries – “The retro diner already hustles some of the best hand-cut shoestring fries on the planet, but when they're blanketed with cheese and smothered with a husky, pepper-specked gravy, it's a quick trip to heaven punctuated by exclamation points.” (2011) Read More


Best Milk Flight for Kids – “The answer is the milk flight at Steuben's, which consists of a glass of chocolate milk, a glass of vanilla and a glass of strawberry. It's a creative treat so fun that adults can order it, too. Just watch out for the multi-colored milk mustache.” (2011) Read More



Top of the Town Awards:

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant


Best Late-Night Menu – “There are so many reasons to heart Steuben's: the classic cocktail list that never feels old, even though most of the drinks were in vogue around the same time as shag carpet; the righteous soundtrack that begs for a dance floor (or at least a small corner dedicated to disco); tatted servers whose ink inspires you to get your own; nifty T-shirts that pimp pork; and a groovy menu that doesn't see darkness until the clock strikes eleven during the week and midnight on the weekends.” (2010) Read More



Top of the Town Awards:

Best Cocktails – Editors’ Choice

Best Bargain Bite – Editors’ Choice

2009 State Finalist:

Restaurant Neighbor Awards presented by the National Restaurant Association



Top of the Town Awards:

Best Diner – Readers’ Choice

Best Fried Chicken – Readers’ Choice

Best French Fries – Readers’ Choice


Best Green Chile Cheeseburger – “The green-chile cheeseburger at Steuben's is finally a commendable copy of the Owl original, from the soft bun to the shredded lettuce to the way the roughly chopped chiles melt into the cheese.” (2008) Read Me

Best Late-Night American Menu – “With a kitchen that serves until midnight on the weekends and eleven on school nights, Steuben's is your best bet for a real late-night dinner, whether you're looking for good, alcohol-absorbing grub, beating back a savage attack of the munchies or simply want a solid meal.” (2008) Read Me

2008 Winner:

National Philanthropy Day Award for Small Business in Colorado



Best Family Restaurant Parents Love

Best French Fries – Readers’ Choice

Best Comfort Food – Readers’ Choice


Best Taste of Someone Else’s Childhood – “The Steuben's menu serves as a magical gateway to everyone else's memories of such childhood favorites as lobster rolls, spaghetti with meatballs, gravy fries and cupcakes.” (2007) Read More

Gabby Gourmet

Steuben's Rocks - "What fun!! All those memories of comfort food and those dishes you remember come back to life in grand style at the new Steuben’s." (Aug, 2007)


STEUBEN'S OPENS IN DENVER After winning gushing accolades for their downtown dining den devoted to globetrotting dipping sauces, Vesta Dipping Grill executive chef Matt Selby and owners Josh and Jen Wolkon have added another notch to their belt with Steuben's, slated for a July debut in the uber-hip Uptown neighborhood. Housed in a converted auto-body garage with the bays still in tact, the comfortably stylish spot touts a regional American roster of familiar favorites - deviled eggs, crisp-skinned fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, lobster rolls, Cuban sadwiches, and pencil-thin French fries served in wax paper. There's nothing particulaly groundbreaking on the menu, but the old-fashioned lineup trumpets the kind of nostalgic nirvana that never goes out of fashion, especially when you add curbside tackout service (now, that is novel), stainless steel accents strewn throughout the purposefully unpretentious dining room, and urbanized patio, and late-night hours. Meet you there. - Lori Midson (Jul, 2006)

Denver Post

“Steuben’s, at 523 E. 17th Ave., is poised to be the hottest new joint in town. You may think the $16 lobsetr roll is pricey, but with about a pound of lobster meat bathed in mayo, it’s the biggest bargain on the menu.” Bill Husted (Jun, 2006)

“Steuben’s, at 523 E. 17th Ave., opened this week and is already packing in the crowds. This is thanks to a great, moderately priced menu offering familiar favorites and updated classics in a hip, yet casual environment reflecting classic Amierican cafes with a blend of 1960’s and 70’s modernism.” Michael Behrenhausen (Jun, 2006)

“Denver’s Best new burger served on Denver’s hippest new patio” Tucker Shaw (Jun, 2006)

Denver Post Pop Music Critic - By Ricardo Baca "...This particular raspberry-flavored adaptation at the new Steuben's nearly knocked me over. It's the kind of cocktail that easily could be downed in a couple of indulgent gulps. Instead, I found myself taking small sips, willing the modest glass to last forever. (It took me 30 well-savored minutes to get to the slurpy bottom.) friend Kyle and I had dinner on the side patio - a ridiculously good macaroni & cheese and a delish Maine lobster roll..." (Jul, 2006) Read Entire Article

"And for the latest in retro cool, hipsters are flocking to Steuben's, Denver's new mid-century modern restaurant , where bohemians imbibe root beer floats, milkshakes and egg creams." (Sep, 2006) Read Entire Article


“And finally, Josh Wolkon and Matt Selby of Vesta Dipping Grill fame got their new baby Steuben’s up and running earlier this week at 523 East 17th Avenue. Scouts who attended the final test dinners over the weekend report that the months of tastings and travel and menu negotiations have paid off. For this second place, Selby and Wolkon have drawn from America’s regional classics – everything from hot dogs to lobster rolls, from grape Nehi to veal Oscar – and brought them together on a single menu that reads like our culinary heritage, with the building blocs of what it means to eat like an American, presented regardless of border or accent. And I, for one, can’t wait to get a table.” Jason Sheehan (Jun, 2006)

DRINK OF THE WEEK: SCORPION BOWL "When my mom was a little girl growing up in Boston, her young, widowed mother would go to Steuben's on dates. It was a draw across Massachusetts, where everyone went to dance and hear the hot big bands play. Turns out this Steuben's is named after the original, which was opened in 1945 by Josh Wolkon's great-uncles, Max and Joe. Wolkon also owns Vesta Dipping Grill, and he's transformed the former Dan's Auto Garage into a fun, hip diner complete with cool retro lighting, a bar made of simulated wood with a dark pleather edge and matching pleather bar chairs, and two great patios..." (Dec, 1969) Read Entire Article

Rocky Mountain News

"MORE FOODIE FODDER: Steuben's, from the talented team who brought you Vesta Dipping Grill, has comfort-food fiends buzzing about the fried chicken, ribs, mac and cheese and chocolate-chip cookies made to order. This is food mom only dreamed of making. The spectacular design by local design group Semple Brown includes two oupoor patios, comfy indoor seating, a knockout bar and a way-cool grab-and-go area." (Jul, 2006)

"Lehndorff: It's simple: Steuben's elevates comfort food" (Sep, 2006) Read Entire Article

"TOP OF THE ROCKIES: TOP COMFORT FOOD Why it's tops: The Vesta Dipping Grill has a bona fide hit on its hands with this new eatery based on a simple premise: famous, familiar regional American dishes prepared properly using high-quality ingredients. We can’t get enough of the habañero honey-fried corn on the cob, crispy fried chicken with real mashers and gravy, and butterscotch pudding. The awesome, authentic New England lobster roll is worth every cent of its $16 price tag." (Sep, 2006) Read Entire Article

"PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS: New Bar, New Restaurant, Oupoor Dining, Fried Chicken, Diner, Philly Steak Sandwich" (Sep, 2006) Read Entire Article

5280 Magazine

NEW: STEUBEN'S IS RETRO-FABULOUS It's only been open a month but Steuben's, the hip Uptown restaurant by Josh Wolkon and chef Matt Selby of Vesta Dipping Grill, already has a lot of buzz. Wolkon concepted the spot after his uncles' vanguard Boston restaurant (also named Steuben's), which hosted swing and jazz bands, including The Rat Pack. In Denver, the blast-from-the-past space with chrome and dusty blue accents sets the tone for the American regional classic cuisine—think Maine lobster rolls with huge chunks of lobster meat, fried corn on the cob slathered in butter, the city's best wedge salad doused in thick blue cheese dressing, and creamy homemade butterscotch pudding topped with vanilla wafers. The experience is diner-esque in the best of ways—inexpensive, fun, and real. Favorite dish: sizzling garlic shrimp appetizer. Favorite detail: Order takeout from the supercool grab-and-go section designed to look like an old-fashioned diner. 523 E. 17th Ave., 303-830-1001, (Jul, 2006)

Neighborhood Life

"You never know what you'll find when you step inside a restaurant during its first 24 hours of operation, but my observtions at Steuben's, 523 E. 17th, just one day after opening make this new entry into the area dining scene look like a winner right out of the gate. Perhaps that's because Josh Wolkon, the owner of the highly successful Vesta Dipping Grill in LoDo, is at the helm here. I expected an effort to attract the trendy crowd, but Steuben's is all down-home and feels more like family." (Jul, 2006)

New York Times

"For home-style cooking with a high-end twist, head to Steuben’s (523 East 17th Avenue, 303-830-1001), which opened in June in the newly fashionable Uptown neighborhood. Like its eclectic décor, which mixes modern lighting with steel beams, the menu alternates between classic Continental dishes like trout amandine ($15) and heartier ones like barbecued brisket ($14)." (Sep, 2006) Read Entire Article

Metromode Magazine

"Imagine all the goodness of mom's cooking stuffed into your uncle's auto mechanic shop, renovated to fit a hip and trendy Uptown neighborhood location> That's Steuben's in a nutshell.......The food is enjoyable, the place is warm and calming, he people are very friendly. Steuben's earns the recommendation of everyone who has visited." Four Stars (Sep, 2006)

Avid Golfer

THAT 70's PLACE: "I'll confess my addictions to deviled eggs, skinny French fries, cheeseburgers and cheese steak sandwiches, which is why i can't stay away from Steuben's, the marvelously retro new restaurant in Uptown that unabashedly-and unapologetically-celebrates familiar American regional fare. The nostalgically hip feeding ground, overseen by Josh and Jen Wolkon (Vesta Dipping Grill) and chef Matt Selby has been packed since it opened in June, with neighborhood swells, media types, families and everyone else hankering for old-fashioned bliss. It's part pop culture, part your parent's '70s basement, replete with blue Formica tables, wood paneling, Linoleum floors, chrome chairs and vanilla-and-chocolate-hued booths. Every night parades a different special, including meatloaf, prime rib and pan-roasted lobster. And if the sight of house-made chocoate pudding or cup cakes oozing with icing doesn't set your mouth salivating, the bread pudding and late-night kitchen hours will." (Sep, 2006)

Bon Appetit

Top Tables - Denver and Boulder Imagine a classic New Jersey diner crossed with a Los Angeles mechanic’s garage, and you get the idea and look behind Steuben’s, a hipster favorite in Denver’s trendy uptown district. Tattoos seem to be a prerequisite for waiters who run back and forth between the crowded patio and the kitschy, mid-century brown-and-powder-blue dining room. The food isn’t groundbreaking, but what chefs Matt Selby and Brandon Biederman do-regional comfort foods-they do well. Lobster rolls, habanero-honey fried corn, meatball subs, macaroni and cheese, and Chicago dogs all hit the spot. Daily specials ( a la blue plate) include Buffalo rib-eye steak on Monday, prime rib on Thursday, and carne adobada on Sunday. Above all else, this place is fun, which comes as no surprise, considering owners Josh and Jen Wolkon and executive chef Selby are also the team behind the popular Vesta Dipping Grill. (523 East 17th Avenue, Denver; 303-830-1001; (Nov, 2006)

2006 Mayor'S Design Award

Category:: Wicked little details Why it's cool:: Steuben's design team and Owner:s Josh and Jen Wolkon converted a 1930s auto garage to a classic neighborhood cafe that feels like a community icon rather than a new addition. Interior elements exude a mod vibe. (Nov, 2006)

Dave Flomberg, The Rocky Mountain News

“Possibly the best Fried Chicken in Town” (Nov, 2006)